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Tom Bennett Owner/Designer/Maker


Thank you for considering Wolf Creek Knives.  Wolf Creek Knives (WCK) is located in Wolf Creek, Montana high in the Rocky Mountains. WCK started out as a hobby in 2008.  The first knife I sold was in 2014.  The "& more" aspect of my business started in 2018 when I started turning custom wood products.  

WCK knives are semi-custom knives.  I purchase my knife blanks from trusted sellers located in the U.S.A. You are purchasing a truly "one of a kind" knife.  A standard sheath comes with every knife (except for folders).  All sheaths are hand stitched, sealed and custom fit to your knife.   If you want to add custom etching on the blade, custom inlays on the knife handle or custom designs, hand cut pattern work or conchos on the sheath I can accommodate most requests.  Please don't hesitate to ask.

My custom turned items include coffee scoops, ice cream scoops, seam rippers, letter openers, bottle stoppers, key chains, aromatherapy necklaces and a variety of pens.  

All of my products are offered in a variety of wood species.  They are all sanded to a glass-like finish, sealed with Tung or Teak Oil, topped with a high quality museum grade wax and buffed to a highgloss.

Hand Turned Items

Coffee Scoop


Stainless Steel

2 ounce


Ice Cream Scoop


Chrome plated with 24kt gold plated accents


Double Seam Ripper


Large and Small Blades


*24kt gold plated $28.00

Vertex Supreme Pen


Chrome plated Rollerball

with gold accents


 *Fountain Pen $67.00

Chrome Letter Opener

Chrome Letter Opener

3 1/2" blade


Key Chain

Assorted Styles

Assorted Styles

$8.00 each

Knife Blades



From top to bottom

Large Bowie

Stainless Steel

Blade Length - 9 3/4"

Item#  WCKL009


Mid Size Bowie

Stainless Steel

Blade Length - 8"

Item#  WCKL008



 Swedged Bowie

Stainless Steel

Blade Length- 5 3/8"

Item# WCKL0075


Hidden Tang Bowie

Stainless Steel

Blade Length- 6"

Item# WCKL007




From top to bottom

Clip Point Hunter

Stainless Steel

Blade Length- 5" 

Item# WCKL069


Spear Point Hunter

High Carbon Steel

Blade Length- 4"

Item# WCK148362


Drop Point Hunter

High Carbon Steel

Blade Length- 2 3/4"

Item# WCK148358




From top to bottom

Upswept Skinner

Stainless Steel

Blade Length- 5 1/4"

Item# WCKL011


Rio Grande Skinner

High Polished Stainless Steel

Blade Length- 4 1/4"

Item# WCK108


Fat Boy Skinner

Stainless Steel

Blade Length- 4 1/2"

Item# WCKL072


Knife Blades


Boot Skinner

Stainless Steel

Blade Length 3"

Item# WCKNC002




From top to bottom


Stainless Steel

Blade Length- 3 1/2"

Item# WCKNC003


Stubby Skinner

Stainless Steel

Blade Length- 2 5/8"

Item# WCKL086


Upswept Skinner

Stainless Steel

Blade Length- 3 1/2"

Item# WCKL051


Drop Point Skinner

Stainless Steel

Blade Length- 3"

Item# WCKL013



Specialty Knives

From top to bottom


High Carbon Steel

Blade Length- 6"

Item# WCK148359


Flipper Folder with pocket clip

Stainless Steel

Blade Length- 3 1/4"

Item# WCK153377



Knife Handles

All blades come with wood handles. 

Species available:




Other specialty wood available on request

at an additional fee

Wood Turned Items

Standard wood species available include 




Others spieces available on request 

at an additional fee.

Most items come in your choice of 

24kt goldplate, brass, gun metal, rose gold, chrome, 

black enamel or copper trim


All blades come with custom handmade sheaths* available in the following colors:


Dark Brown


Be sure to include the sheath color with your order.

*The Flipper Folder does not include a sheath

Special Requests

Special requests available at an additional cost to include:

Other leather dye colors

Special/Presentation knives and sheaths

Specialty handle materials

Custom Etching

Other knife blades not shown on this site

Contact and Ordering Information


Via PayPal Invoice

Shipping via USPS Priority Mail

added to invoice

Lead Times

Wolf Creek Knives (& more) creates all one of a kind items.  They are made to your specifications.  Because of that lead times are


 4 to 6 weeks

Turned Items

3 weeks

Ordering Information

.Please scroll down to the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page and include

For Knives:

Item #

Wood Species

Sheath Color

Any special requests

For Wood Turned Items

Item Name

Wood Species

Metal type

We are also happy to answer any of your questions.

Please check back often as we will be adding more pictures and items in the future.

Thank you!

Care of your knife and turned items


  • Use your knife.  Wolf Creek Knives are intended for everyday use whether it be hunting,  fishing or even skinning. 
  • Keep your knife clean and sharp.
  • Apply a quality paste wax routinely to your handle.  Your knife handle has been sealed with multiple coats of Tung Oil and then buffed with multiple layers of Carnuba Wax.  To bring back the shine to the handle apply a quality paste wax and then buff with a buffing wheel or soft cloth.
  • Keep your knife dry and remove contaminents that may accumulate on the blade or handle.
  • Keep your sheath dry and remove contaminents as needed.


  • Submerge your knife in water for extended periods of time.  If your knife gets wet, dry it immediately and continue to let it air dry completely before placing it into the sheath.
  • Don't clean your knife or turned items in the dishwasher.
  • Use your knife for anything other than cutting.  It's not a hammer or an axe.
  • Submerge your sheath in water, if it does get wet, let it air dry only.  Any other drying process may warp, shrink or disfigure your sheath.

  • Under normal use this knife and sheath should give you many years of enjoyment and use.  If for any reason your knife should fail due to normal use feel free to return it to me for repair or reconditioning.  If you abuse your knife or sheath I can repair or replace it under normal conditions but I will add repair and replacement costs for this work.  Broken, bent or other damages beyond repair that are found to be from abuse will not be repaired and the knife will be returned to you at your expense.
  • If you have any special requests for knives or sheaths please feel free to contact me.  
  • All pen cartridges are refillable.

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